DIY: Natural Fall Air Freshener

12:05 PM

This past weekend we had a "canning party" with my husband's family.  There was a whole lot of dicing, chopping, simmering, stirring, pouring, sealing, and laughing going on over at this Diva house.  After all was said and done we canned some of the most delicious salsa made on planet earth and in heaven, as far as I am concerned.  Although the salsa smelled delightful while it was brewing on Saturday, the smell is lingering into Tuesday and kinda needs to go...

With fall on the horizon, and my sister's inspiration found HERE I decided to concoct a little potion that is only slightly different than hers...  now you have two fabulous home air fresheners.  Finally my kitchen smell less like salsa and more like home.  

All you need is 
2 oranges sliced (I stuck the cloves in the oranges peel and sprinkled some in the pot as well)
The peels from one apple
About 2 t vanilla

Bring a small pot of water to boil.  Add the list of ingredients to the boiling water.  Let boil about a minute and then lower the temp to low and let simmer as long as you would like.  I just added water when the levels looked low.

Now my house smells as heavenly as the salsa we made on Saturday tastes!


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