Baby Boy Rag Quilt

3:55 PM

I'm discovering that making things for baby boys can be just as exciting as baby girls :) Click HERE for the baby rag quilt tutorial, or scroll down to watch our video tutorial. Oh, and since I know people are wondering, I bought my fabric from The Quilting Cottage located in American Fork Utah.

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  1. I looove this! I've been a bit obsessed lately with rag quilts (3 in 2 months? in addition to my full-time out-of-home job + my 19-month old!), and I've just started weaning myself -- but this is *awesome*! I love the idea of this for a boy! I heart modern prints, but this sort of rustic-y without being cheesy country is fabulous. I'd gladly give this to my daughter too :D -- I may be figuring out how to make one like this...

  2. I absolutely LOVE this... It's hard doing blankets for baby boys... I decided to do a rag quilt from my husbands' old jeans... It was so fun...

  3. Is it necessary to use flannel? If other fabric is an option, can you please tell me what kind of fabric you would use?