DIY: Goal/Sticker Chart to Help My Kid Stay in Bed

2:22 PM

Nearly every morning (we are talking really early, like 3 am early) my husband and I find our darling three year old in our bed.  As darling as he is, it is not so darling when my hubby and I can hardly keep our eyes open for the day due to the lack of sleep we have had the previous night.  It is time to do a little goal making for my little bed hog. 

I decided to whip up the very simple sticker chart in pages.  When he stays in his own bed until the sun comes up he will get a sticker to place in a square.  He has chosen angry bird stickers to fill in the squares.  Once all the squares are filled with stickers, my husband and I will take him on a special date to go rock climbing and kid friendly indoor facility.  He has been wanting to do this for a while, and we have been wanting to take him.  This will be a perfect excuse to take our little climber.  Hopefully a good habit with be created with this chart.  Please Bless!  Here's to many more nights of blissful, uninterrupted, lovely sleep.


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  1. I have the same problem with my almost 4 year old, I tried the sticker chart didn't work for me; now I'm trying the "incentive" I'll paint his room fire engine red(a color he wants) and he gets a full size bed with sheets he picksif he sleeps in his bed. Good luck to one sleepy Mom from another:)