DIY: Completely Guilt Free Fruit Salad (Gluten Free Dessert)

12:34 PM

My poor brother has a condition known as celiac disease. Because of this disease he is unable to eat gluten/wheat. Did you know that practically everything that you can buy at the grocery store contains wheat or gluten. He has recently had to cut out dairy products as well as a few other things so that he can heal up and get healthy again. Because of this, I have had the chance, along with my sister and mom, to be creative in the kitchen.

Here is a little dessert that I recently served at my daughter's first birthday.

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries marinated in a splash of lime juice (real fresh lime juice would be the best, but I used some from a bottle and it still worked out great) and a dollop of honey. I first mixed the honey and lime juice together to make a light and refreshing dressing. I then combined the above mentioned ingredients and let it sit in the fridge for a few of hours before the party. Right before serving I sliced a few bananas into the mix.

By the end of the party the fruit was gone and there was plenty of chocolate cake that was not even touched. It was a huge hit, and even had had my husband begging for more!

It is such a simple mix of flavors, that will make your taste buds and waistline happy!

Have a Happy Healthy Summer!

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  1. Yum! Our gluten free house loves berries too. Gluten free options have improved a lot in recent years. There are many restaurants that now offer gluten free menus. Has your brother tried Udi's products yet?

    Have him check out my blog for some ideas. He's definitely not alone.