DIY: Construction Birthday Cake Inspiration/Adaptation

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Construction Cake:
(Inspiration from

Hello Divas!  I have big news... not as big as my sister's, but what the heck... I am the proud mother of a THREE year old.  How did this happen? It went by so fast, too fast.  I just can't believe that my baby is three.

(goofy Pic of my big boy)

(G.Q. Pic, so handsome)

This little boy of mine is all boy.  He has a love for tractors, diggers, dump trucks and all things construction.  Rocks and dirt are a favorite of his as well.  In fact, to say that my son has a bit of an obsession with rocks is a HUGE understatement.  It was only fitting that I create a cake that included all of the above mentioned boy things.

(left, just one of my little dude's growing rock collections)

While searching on the beloved site Pinterest, I came across this beauty of cake.  I can't even express my gratitude to Lauren from Fredillicious!  THANK YOU for the INCREDIBLE idea of both the outside and inside of the cake!  She is brilliant I tell you, BRILLIANT!!

Here is how my cake turned out...


My version of this cake is only slightly different than the original, so I thought I would share what I did just in case it can help someone.

In the original cake, Lauren used frosting to create her construction cones.  I am not a pro with frosting and not a huge fan of frosting either so I decided to make the cones out of my child's favorite candies, starbursts, dots, and candy corn.

Here is the simple step-by-step of what I did to create the constructions cones and construction road signs.

Construction cones:
1.  get supplies - orange starburst, orange dot, orange toothpick

2.  stab the starburst with the toothpick

3.  stab the dot... I even pinched the top of the dot so that it would be a little more pointed and cone-like

Now you can simply stick the remainder of the stick into the cake and pull it out easily when its time to cut into.

Construction Sign

1.  get supplies

2.  stab it sideways


Other supplies that I used for this cake were as follows....

Chocolate covered nuts, for the rocks of coarse...
Candy corn and orange tootsie rolls for other construction zone must haves...

oh and here is the recipe I used for the inside of the cake with yellow cake added.  I found it HERE.

And here is the frosting recipe.   I found it HERE.

IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Best of all I think my little three year old LOVED IT!

The proof is on his face...


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  1. He is so cute, I can't believe he is 3 either. Time goes by just a little to fast I think! Great job on the cake, you seriously could start a cake baking/decorating business:)

  2. Found your blog via the evil enabling Pinterest! =0) Love the things you share!

    Your boy is indeed handsome, love them up while they're young as they get kinda funni about hugs and kisses all too soon. My only will be 18 this year, some days she barely acknowledges my existence!

    I've decided this cake shall be made for my hubs birthday in July, even tho he will be 57 it's never too late to be a child again and play till you drop!

  3. Love the construction cones, how cute!

  4. I love how your cake turned out, and your smart ideas for the decorations!! Thanks for all the compliments and links back :)

  5. Such a lovely page. Love all of the pics!

  6. @home jobs by MOM... Thank you for your sweet compliments!

  7. This is so cool! Sharing with my sister... my nephew would love it!