DIY: Sticky Finger Chicken Salad

7:30 PM

Here in Utah we have a most delicious restaurant called Wingers.  It is known for it's "Sticky Fingers" and "Freaking Amazing Sauce."  You can eat the chicken with the sauce by itself or even dipped in ranch.  Our favorite way to enjoy these sweet and spicy sticky fingers is in a hearty salad.  We thought we would share our knock off recipe, that a friend gave us, with you just in time for the Superbowl.  Forget the buffalo wings and make some sticky fingers!  Everyone at your party will thank you!

Salad Ingredients:
Black Beans
Tortilla Chips
Ranch Dressing
(anything else you think might be tasty)

1 pkg. Frozen Breaded Chicken (Walmart has a bag of frozen breaded chicken breasts bites that is PERFECT.  It is the Great Value brand and runs for about $2 a bag.)

Sauce Ingredients:
3 T. Franks Hot Sauce
3/4 c. brown sugar
2 T. water

Here is what you do:

1.  Heat up the chicken in the oven (just follow the directions on the bag)

2.  While the chicken is heating up, make the sauce.

Heat up the Hot sauce, brown sugar and water.  Stir on med. heat until the sugar is dissolved.

3.  Once the chicken is cooked and crispy, pour the sauce on the chicken.

4. You can stop here and enjoy them as is, or put them on top of your favorite salad ingredients!  Yum!

5.  Top or dip with ranch dressing

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious!
    meet me at the zoo...

  2. OMG this looks amazing! I'm hungry now! :)


  3. Holy Smokes! Just made this tonight and it was awesome!