DIY: Weekly Running Routine Week 2

8:30 PM

Let's get our workout on... Again!

Not only is my bedside treadmill a good friend of mine these days, but also the high school track.

So many memories come from the track/high school football field... like when my hubby would catch touchdowns and such.


Last week about killed me! I was considerably slower than I anticipated not to mention seriously sore! Let the new week begin with an even more intense workout than the last! Who's with me?!?!?!

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: 1-3 miles easy pace (I am going for all 3)


Morning: Spin Class (any other cardio for at least 30 min)


10 vertical jumps

5x1000 meter runs

2x400 m sprints

Jog 1 lap (go easy)

Wednesday: Rest Day ( I might sneak in a 30 min run)


Morning: Spin Class


10 Vertical Jumps

6x400 meter Sprints

Jog 1 lap (Go Easy)

Friday: 30 min tempo run (push it)


Morning: Jump Rope 2 sets 1:30 min

Run 6 miles (race pace)


2x800 meter runs

5 days a week pushups, situps and pullups should be done I will do this M-F.

Weight Training should be MThF or MFSa

Refer to the chart below for Weight Training directions!

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