Snowmen, Puzzles and Snowflakes

8:22 PM

Let the memory making continue...

Day 5: Watch Frosty the Snowman as a Family. We have since watched it at least 4 more times since we opened this activity... Honestly I don't mind this. It brings back memories from my own childhood, which is simply wonderful.

Day 6: Make a snowman pizza. HERE is the recipe for this amazing and very healthy pizza. The only difference I made was shaping the dough into what looked somewhat like a snowman. E for Effort right?!

Day 7: Drink Apple Cider and listen to Christmas music

Day 8: Put together a Christmas puzzle as a family.

Day 8: Make snowflakes to hang in the windows.

I found a great template HERE at the Vintage Junky, to make snowflakes. TOTALLY AWESOME! After I cut them out I ironed them on a SUPER low setting and hung them with little dude.

Oh how I love Christmastime!

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