DIY: Our Grandma's Famous Chicken Noodle Soup

9:36 AM

...Otherwise Known as Chicken N' Noodles

This is by far one of our family's favorite dishes. My little man asks for it by name, "chicken n' noodles", at least once a week. It is especially delicious when my grandma makes it with her homemade noodles. YUM!

How to make the Broth:

chop up some celery, and onion

gather some bay leaves, garlic, and salt and pepper

salt and pepper a whole chicken in a large pot

put chopped onions, celery, a couple of bay leaves, and some garlic in the pot along with some water to cover the chicken

bring to a boil

then down to a simmer for about 2.5-3hours or until the chicken falls off the bone

separate the chicken and the broth

discard the onion, celery and bay leaves

put the broth in a large tupperware container and place in the fridge over night

shred chicken, cover and place in the fridge overnight as well

before serving take out the broth

scrape off the top fatty layer

discard the scraped off layer

pour the broth into a large pot

if needed add some chicken broth

taste, and season if needed

put shredded chicken in broth

heat up
while the chicken and broth are heating up chop some potatoes to make mashed potatoes

Here is a little tip...

If it is going to be a while before you are going to boil your potatoes just soak them in water and cream of tarter. This helps them stay fresh and prevents them from browning!! Before boiling just be sure to rinse off the cream of tarter.

While potatoes are boiling add noodles to the now hot chicken and broth.

Mash up potatoes and place them in bowl

once the noodles are soft, pour the delicious soup on top of the mashed potatoes


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  1. I grew up eating this! My grandma always made it too... I love it and make it for my family now! I've never met/heard of anyone one else who did this too!

  2. Okay so that looks yum! I want to make this! Thanx for sharing!


  3. Making it now for my grandparents. Hope it turns out as lovely as yours. Thanks for your awesome blog.

    Elizabeth from VA