DIY: Simple Halloween Wreath

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DIY: Simple Halloween Wreath

All the supplies that I used for this project were things that I already had. I love a free project!

If you don't have the supplies lying around the house, here is what you need...

* Wreath frame

* Black paint or black spray paint (Spray paint would be totally AWESOME)

* About 2 ft of ribbon

* Fabric of your liking (I used black, dark green, gold tulle, mustard yellow felt, and gold fabric...All of which were just scraps)

* Thread and a needle

* Hot Glue Gun


* Paint wreath frame black

* While the frame is drying make your fabric flowers.

* Cut different sized circles of each fabric. Stack the different fabric circles from biggest to smallest.

I varied each stack of circles. I made some with tulle, while some only had black and green fabric. Just have fun. Make each flower different.

(I cut these circles free-handed. If cutting circles isn't your cup of tea, simple get different sized glasses, or jars and trace that circle onto the fabric and then cut.)

* Fold your stacked circles into a taco, and sew with your needle and thread.
* Now that the circles are secure and sewn, bunch up the fabric a bit, and make it look like a flower. Hold the bottom point tightly and begin sewing the fabric again.
* Tie a knot and cut the thread.

TaDa... a simple fabric flower.

I made a ton of these. Make as many as you like. The more you make the more full your wreath will be of coarse.

* Hot glue your flowers to the wreath. Twist the ribbon around the wreath and hot glue that to the wreath as well.

Don't forget to make a few flowers that are black, gold, and orange to add in.

Not bad for $FREE.99

Happy Halloween DIY Divas!!!

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  1. This is so cute! I am definitely going to try this for either Thanksgiving or Christmas! Love it!