DIY: Throw Pillows made from Dwell Dish Towels

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DIY: Throw Pillows made from Dish Towels

I love Dwell fabric. To buy it by the yard you have to break the bank for sure. Luckily, Target features many fabulous Dwell prints in their home decor. While surfing the web I found a print I LOVED on their website. It just so happened to be in a dish towel/hot pad set. Currently my favorite print is sold out, but the set looked just like this...

Because the set was super cheap and I saw the possibility of THREE throw pillows for my blue couches, and the added bonus of some dang cute hot pads, I ordered them right away. The fabric isn't "towel-like", if that makes sense. It is thick, just like upholstery fabric; perfect for making a throw pillow.

I cut the towel down to size and made a simple envelope pillow case. (the pillow forms were 17x17 and these towels were the perfect size. they could make smaller pillows but not bigger than 17x17 just so you know!) The towel is the front and the back is made out of some extra white fabric that I had from other projects.

One pillow I decided to use the towel as the back and added mustard colored flowers to a white front. Easy as that.

Now I just want to make a few grey ruffle pillows to add. Should I take away the blue ones or leave them. I just don't know what to do.

If you want to know how to make an envelope pillow case... I will be posting soon and giving you a step-by-step tutorial when I make my ruffle pillows. Get excited!

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  1. I need a tutorial on making those yellow flowers on the white pillow! They are great!

  2. This is brilliant... I hate how expensive throw pillows are!!