DIY: Valentines Wreath Made With Coffee Filters

3:24 PM

Last year I walked into my friend's house and this tea stained coffee filter wreath was hanging on her closet door. I thought it was beautiful and I had to make one myself. Thanks Cecily for the wonderful idea! Want to make a beautiful Valentines Day wreath for your home? Heres how you do it!

You need:
A package of coffee filters already stained. Here is a link explaining how its done.
A Straw Wreath
A hot glue gun

Take a couple of coffee filters and bunch them up so they fan out a bit on the ends and are bunched together a bit at the base. Place some hot glue on the base and attach it to the inside of the wreath.

Continue attaching bunched coffee filters around the inside of the wreath and work your way to the front of the wreath, and then to the outer sides of the wreath. You can scrunch the coffee filters a bit to add depth.

And there you go! Happy Valentines Day!!!


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