DIY: Coupons. How it's done!

9:53 AM

I have decided that I am going to become a Krazy Coupon Lady! In the past I would occasionally use coupons here and there, but then my sister-in-law came to town and got me all excited about couponing! She taught me how to get some free things!

I got all this at Target for .20 cents!

All I had to pay was some sales tax.

There are 3 awesome websites that tell you how to do it. Take some time and study these sites. They tell you all you need to know.

Get Organized!

All my coupons are organized in a binder. If you want, you can print off this coupon organizer. This makes it a bit easier to find your coupons when you suddenly see something on sale. Organize your coupons every Sunday night (if you are going to be a Krazy Coupon Lady, you will probably need to organize it more often) and keep your binder next to your purse so that you never leave the house without it.

You can do it!!!
Spend your money on things you really want rather than groceries!


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  1. Welcome to the club! I've only used GrocerySmarts, it's wonderful! I'll have to check out those other sites. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. i hate spending money on groceries! i would much rather buy a new pair of shoes!

  3. I love couponing! I also like

  4. I just started the same thing myself! i got my binder and printed my sheets i just need page protector slip things.... hmm I wonder if i can find a coupon for them :) *tehehe Good luck*

  5. Couponing is the greatest addiction ever! Check out, the greatest website ever. Thanks for the coupon binder link. Love it!

  6. Southernsaver is a great site. I took her class, and loved it!!

  7. Great article with excellent idea!Thank you for such a valuable article.