DIY: Twin Size Quilt

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DIY how to make a twin size quilt.

Back to crafting! I made this for my two year old who transitioned from a crib into a twin size bed. So if you want to make your little one a twin size quilt for their new big kid bed, here is how you do it.

You need:
4 yards of different fabric
Scrap fabric for the appliqué
Needle and black thread/floss
Sewing Machine
5 inch wide Lip Edge ruler
Rotary Cutter
And a little patience :)

Basically, I cut my fabric into 5" wide strips. I laid out some of the strips horizontal and some vertical to make it different. I didn't end up using all of the strips because I liked it best this size. (The way I knew what size I liked was by laying another twin size blanket over it and eyeballed it, keeping in mind the seem allowances. You could of corse measure another quilt instead or measure the mattress. ) I sewed all my strips of fabric together. Then I drew up an applique idea that I liked and I knew my daughter would like. Using scrap fabric, I cut out a couple of birds and some flowers and hand stitched them onto the blanket using a blanket stitch. The mistake I made during this was not using that iron on sticky paper stuff to keep the applique secure. What is that stuff called? Anyway, then I took it up to Idaho and my amazing mother-in-law quilted it for me on her gigantic quilting machine. She did such a fabulous job and made it look amazing. She even went around all the applique to secure it better for me. (Next time I will use that sticky paper iron on stuff :) ) Then, my fabulous mother-in-law binded the quilt on her sewing machine and made a pillow case to match. What a great woman. And that was it!

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  1. did you use 4 yards of EACH fabric or just 4 yards total? beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful work! I really love this quilt. Do you have a tutorial for the applique's? They really make the quilt pop. Thanks!

  3. What was the finished size of your quilt? It is beautiful.