DIY: Staining and Varnishing Wooden Furniture

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Refinishing Wooden Furniture 101

Fourth and Fifth = Staining and Varnishing
Now that you have stripped, sanded, and conditioned your wood furniture you are almost done. After all that work, it is finally time to stain.

For my project I chose Minwax Stain/Red Mahogany.
It works beautifully.
Follow the instructions on the can carefully and be sure to work outside so you don't feel sick from the fumes.

For my own detailed instructions on how to use this stain click "HERE".

(This link will take you to my kitchen table makeover where I stained the top portion of my table. It gives step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to stain, and will work for any staining project!)

After staining my highchair, (in this case, I did two coats of stain), I let it dry. When I was sure it was dry and there was no sticky situations anywhere, I used polyurethane gloss to finish it up.

I simply took my small can of polyurethane gloss and painted it on very evenly. I was careful to make sure it was smooth and that no bubbles formed. After letting it dry I sanded my wood down. I was scared at first, but the scratchy appearance that the 220 grain sandpaper leaves behind quickly disappears when you apply the 2nd coat of polyurethane.

I waited 24 hours before using my finished product.

When all is said and done my dream highchair that I found online for well over $200 ended up costing about $50-$60 after a little elbow grease.
My Dream highchair from online



Not to Shabby! What do you think?!


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  1. Very cool! You guys are awesome and so creative! I really would like to get into the DIY stuff more. Not only is it cost effective but then you get what you really want, and something unique. I hope you guys post more! I look forward to seeing more projects!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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