DIY Twisted Headband

12:15 PM

I've seen these around so I thought it was time to figure out how to make one and show you guys! I saw something on Pinterest like this but it took me either to a dead end or a picture with no explanation, so here's what I did.

Measure around your head where the headband will be. Mine was 21". Cut out two rectangle pieces that length by 5", so mine were each 21" x 5". Use stretchy jersey knit fabric.

Fold hot dog style, and zig zag stitch down the side.

Pull them right side out.

Lay one on top of the other like a cross.

Fold over like so...

You don't want a raw edge to show, so put the ends together like this and pin into place.

Zig zag stitch the ends together.

All done!


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  1. Loving this! You can upcycle a T-shirt this way :) Great idea!