do it yourself divas: DIY: Preview of Ruffle Front Easter Dress/Sun Dress


DIY: Preview of Ruffle Front Easter Dress/Sun Dress

Well, here are a few pictures of the finished product of the Easter Dress that I made my little darling.  I guess it is a preview per-say... with a tutorial in the works.

While I was making it I tried taking step-by-step pictures so that I could share a lovely tutorial with you, but kept changing things as I went, aka un-picking and re-sewing....  This made a tutorial hard to make.

(she was being so very serious as she posed for her picture.... funny little girl)

Anyway, now that I have made one of these little sun dresses, and I know how to attack the pattern that I made in my head, I just might be sharing a tutorial with you soon, maybe even in the next week or so.

P.S.  THANKS for all the input when I needed your advice about what to do with this little dress!!  I appreciated it so very much!


  1. That turned out so cute! I think the simple one would have been cute, too, but for little Clara, I think the ruffles work best.

  2. I take it you never made a tutorial on this? :( I have an (almost) 5 month old that would look absolutely ADORABLE in this dress. I love absolutely everything about it. But I am just barely out of the "noob" status of sewing. I've made quite a few things with success would like to tackle a dress for my daughter, possibly an Easter one.

    I have yet to purchase a pattern, and fear if I tried it I wouldn't be able to follow it like I do with all the tutorials I've previously used.

  3. Did you ever make a tutorial on this? Its absolutely lovely and I would love to attempt to make one for my daughter