DIY: Giant Rice Crispy Treat Valentine Kisses

1:31 PM

Happy Valentine Eve Eve!

I went to the grocery store for some Valentine giving inspiration today. While I was there I saw some giant chocolate Hershey Kisses. I almost bought one for each of the men in my life (the big guy and the little dude), but when I saw the price-a dollar a piece-I refrained. I am a little cheap, I know...

Inspiration was had!! I remembered back to my Jr. High or High School when I made these up. I think I gave them away to my friends one year... or maybe my teachers... I can't remember. So maybe I am a little cheap and apparently a little bit of a suck up. :) They are so easy and cost a total of about $2.50 to make about 2 dozen. Oh, did I mention they are so very tasty. On top of all that positivity you can personalize each one you make.

1. Make some Rice Crispy Treats. I made the 'original' kind. You could also make them with the cocoa pebbles instead of using plain rice crispies. That would be so yummy!

Here's what you will need...
-Melt 3 T of butter in large sauce pan on med
-Stir in 10 oz of marshmallows (turn heat down to low)
-Stir continuously until completely melted
-Stir in Rice Crispies

-let cool so that you can handle
-cut up a few tin foil squares (the closer they are shaped to an actual square the better)
-cut strips of paper and write personalized love notes on each
-plop some slightly warm rice crispy treat on a square
-mold it to the shape a chocolate Hershey kiss
-begin folding the corners up on each side
-place you personalized love note/tag in the one side
-finish by folding all corners up and shape as needed

That's it!! So dang easy! And did I mention cheap and delicious?!


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  1. What a fun (and easy/practical) idea!

  2. Hooray! I will make these with 8-9 year old girls for Father's day treats!