DIY: Sew a Headband Face Mask ( Neck Gaiter ) From T-Shirt - UPCYCLE

8:17 PM

Here's an easy and simple headband face
mask sewing tutorial. Use any stretchy fabric like knit jersey or dig in your closet and upcycle and old shirt or skirt. Just be sure that it's stretchy in both directions. 

You can wear the mask around your face, then pull it down around your neck when you leave the store. You can even use it as a headband if you're into that sort of thing. These types of face masks are also called neck gaiters, and they are so easy to make!

Measure around your head from the tip of your nose, around the nape of your neck. My measurement was 18". Now, minus 1". My new number is 17". Now, divide that number in half, mine is 8.5".

Now grab your stretchy fabric or old shirt, and lets make a rectangle that measures 14" x 'your number'. This 14" length works for both kids and adults. Mark starting at the FOLD out 8.5" (or whatever your number is). 

Unfold your rectangle and refold it so that the right sides are together.

Zig zag stitch the long side of the rectangle closed.

Pull it right side out, and that's it! 

You can wear it as a headband while you run, and then make it a mask when you need. Have fun with it, and stay safe out there. 

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