DIY KIDS Mask with No Elastic or Pattern - Hanger Method - Any Stretchy Fabric (LEGGINGS)

11:00 PM

Covid 19 mask for kids

DIY a mask for your kiddos, or yourself.  With the year 2020 large at hand, and back to school right around the corner, let's protect others and ourselves with this fast and easy mask tutorial.  No template or elastic needed.  All you need is some fabric, a hanger (to use as your pattern... trust us this is magic), scissors, and a sewing machine.  

You can use any fabric you have handy.  We used a pair of leggings, and were able to make a few masks with just one pair.  An old T-shirt would do the same trick.  You can also customize your masks with any fabric from your local fabric store.  

Leggings Similar We got our leggings at Target in the kid section - size XL or 14 in girls. Hanger Similar We got our hangers at Target.

Let's get started.  Check out our easy to follow tutorial on our YouTube channel.

how to sew a mask

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